Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yummity Yum Yums

Deliciousness Pro Bar (recipe below)

Food..Diet..Nutrition. Something I have always been interested in and something very personal that works differently for different people and I mean each and every person. I'm choosing to write about some of my journey with nutrition because it helps for me to understand my own process but it also may help others. Remember, I'm not a nutritionist, I've just spent time reading, experimenting and talking with others on similar paths and this is where I'm at, I've taken on the challenge of trying to nourish myself well and completely. It hasn't been easy, I have food allergies and I'm sensitive to different things. I don't eat gluten, dairy, refined sugar or soy as a rule, they just make me feel sick. I find that some grains can effect me the same way gluten does, I never know so I tend to stay away from grains as well. Sugar is my nemesis though, I love sugar! Ask me to stop eating gluten, dairy, no problem, ask me to cut out all sugars and all hell breaks loose, I have no staying power and I need me some honey. I've gotten much better and aware but wow, can I eat a lot of fruit! Beans are also a sketchy food source for me, I love them but they can make me feel not so good, bloated and upset. What does that leave me to eat, well a lot of stuff actually and a lot of good stuff, tons of veggies, quinoa, fruits and meats. It has taught me to make a lot of my own food from scratch, so I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. I don't buy many processed foods and if I do they have minimal ingredients. I've also had to come to terms with sources of protein for my nutrition. I was a vegetarian for 10 years, basically from 20 to 30. I've always been conflicted about eating other animals from a very young age but that's my mind at work, my body seems to feel differently. Since I can't eat your typical vegetarian/vegan sources of protein, soy, beans, etc. I have to look elsewhere for clean, high quality protein and that has led me to fish, turkey and chicken. The nutritionist's I've seen have always said I don't get enough protein, especially considering how active I am, so for the month of June I'm experimenting with eating more protein to help fuel my body and what that feels like. My Diet is very clean for the most part but it's always in flux. I'm a athlete, I need to eat to nourish my busy body and I can't ignore what it needs to do that. So for now I'm going to offer up a homemade protein bar that I make for riding or hiking, whatev! They're really tasty, simple with good fat and protein, no refined sugar. I've modified the original recipe from Elana's Blog (which is excellent). I'll be back with more but enjoy for now.

Yum Yum Dum Dum Protein Bars:
2 cups cashews
1/2 cup flax meal
1/2 cup unsweetened shredded coconut
1/2 cup creamy roasted or not roasted cashew butter
1/2 t sea salt
3/4 cup coconut oil melted
4 drops stevia (optional if you don't have it)
1 T agave nectar or honey or maple syrup, I use agave
1 T vanilla
1 cup or so dark chocolate chips or bar ( I use Enjoy Life GF/DF choc chips but any good dark choc will work)

  1. Place cashews, flax meal, shredded coconut, cashew butter and salt in food processor
  2. Pulse about 10 seconds or so
  3. In a small pan melt coconut oil over low heat, once melted take off heat and add stevia, agave and vanilla, whisk
  4. Add coconut oil mixture to food processor and pulse until ingredients for a coarse sticky paste
  5. Press this into a square pan or dish
  6. Chill in fridge for an hour or so until it hardens
  7. Melt chocolate in small saucepan over low heat, stirring all the time, don't burn it
  8. Spread melted chocolate over hardened bars, put back in fridge for at least 30 minutes until chocolate hardens
  9. Cut into bars and I store in the freezer. Stick in your hydration pack for some good fuel


ewlake said...

Bravo, Carey! Just great.

Carey said...

Thanks for E!

Anonymous said...

ohhh, I'm going to try these! Thanks Carey.