Monday, June 13, 2011

Smoothies and Bike Park

Delisch Morning Elixer

I've wanted to post what I have for breakfast during the week. I make a green smoothie each morning, ewww that sounds/looks nasty but believe me they're not. I love them, full of fruit, veggies and protein and you can mix it up as you like. However I seem to have a standard that I go to regularly, I'm boring that way. The other nice thing about smoothies are they are easy to digest first thing in the morning and I know it doesn't look so good but it tastes like a sweet, berrilishcious treat, cannot taste the veggies at all. Here's what I do. In a good blender puree.
  • Half of a frozen (or not frozen) banana
  • 1/2 cup frozen berry of choice, I usually use strawberries or blueberries (you could use fresh as well)
  • 1 serving of protein powder, I use Sunwarrior Raw/Vegan Vanilla Rice Protein Powder (easy to digest)
  • A few leaves of Kale
  • A few leaves of Romaine
  • 1 cup of preferred mylk of choice ( I use either unsweetened vanilla almond mylk or unsweetened rice mylk)
  • 1/2 cup water
  • BLEND until processed, this makes about 16 oz's
You can change up the fruits or veggies you use (cucumber and apples are nice), you can add almond butter or hemp seeds for more protein, it's free form. I also make these for after a ride, great recovery drink.

I hit up the new Valmont Bike Park in Boulder today for the first time. Sorry no pics today except for this one image off of the BMA website. My office is right next door so I can sit and daydream and watch riders come and go on the track. But best thing is I can go over and session over lunch or after work. Super Cool and there's something for everyone and every ability. There are bridges, skinnies, rock drops, ladder drops, slope style, dirt jumps, pump tracks, flow trails and wall rides as well as just smooove durt for those that love that. I want to work on the dirt jumps and table tops, I want to fly, yeeeeee! Currently I suck at these but I'm stoked to get bettah!

A love/hate skinnie at the park. Throw me down some crazy, technical rock garden no problem but face me with a narrow plank of wood and I'm goofy.
These mess with my mind, whenever I get on something that is raised and 12" or less in width I get squirrley, my brain gets all WTF and sends spaz messages to my body, though it's getting better and I rode this and I will keep at it until I've burned the thing into my mind and reflexes or have embedded chucks of rock into my knee pads. Either way I'm gonna own it!


Buzz said...

Strawberries are in season, plentiful and cheap here so I'm definitley gonna try out this recipe and the last one too!

"Skinny" planks...UGH! On the soft pedal out to one of our rides, I ride the 6" wide sidewalk curb top for hundreds of feet......on the trail a 24" wide board track looks like 3"!!!!...I do it..but not smoovee. I too will own it someday!!!


Carey said...

Sooo lucky with the in season fruit in CA, enjoy!