Sunday, June 26, 2011

Lordly Zipping Summar

I hate naming my blogs, normally. So I thought why not just come up with the goofiest title you can think of right there on the spot, so there you have it, flow of thought brought to without much effort.

Rest spot along the trail.

Content is different, I usually post when I have something that I want to share. Summer is fully upon us and it feels so good. Things I've been up to. Eating lots of fruit, which is either really good or really bad. Tending my garden and veggies. Making art for my galleries which are actually selling art, yea! Adding more protein into my nutrition seems to have been helping with energy and recovery. And bunches of riding, yahoo! Lotsa of it up high and June has been a great month weather wise, no real heat and just lovely, clear skies. Hitting up the bike/dirt jumps at the park, so much fun, different and learning curve is not so bad.

Gearing up for one of my favorite downhills, South St. Vrain, it's wicked fun and always a good challenge. Next time hopefully Craig won't break his rear derailluer and have to single speed it out. All in all the summer is shaping up nicely.

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