Saturday, November 29, 2008

Picture Perfect!

It was just Emma and myself out for the first winter like ride of the season. We chose Picture Rock up to Wild Turkey as our ride. Snow in the area over night changed trail plans for the day and since Emma lives right by Picture Rock she said it looked ready to go and she was right, it was perfect. Couldn't ask for a nicer day to be riding there, no crowds, saw only 4 other riders and the trail was in top notch condition, no mud just nice and tacky. So we bundled up and headed out, a fun ride with a good friend, can't beat that with a stick.

Emma and Me about to head out.

Trailage early on. It was solid, no mud just tacky, just right.

No Disco Allowed!

Emma taking a quick picture break.

Emma's snug little house above the valley floor.

Taking a ride in the "Car"

Winter Loveliness!

Waiting for the bus at the top..

Me Coming Down from Up Top.

The snow almost completely disappeared as you got toward the top of the ride, the trail was almost completely dry in most places. We had fine ride to the bottom, bumpy and lumpy as Picture Rock is, just nice to be out enjoying a lovely winter day in good company and spirits!


G-Lenn said...

Great pictures! Hopefully we can ride this weekend.

Carey said...

I'd love to, we'll see how it goes!