Saturday, November 22, 2008

Puttin' It Down!

Can you see my newish fork?

I finished building up my front end with Craig's help on Friday night. The nearly new Fox Talas runs great, I took the 160mm of plush travel for a spin on the trails behind the house early in the day Saturday. But the fun didn't really begin until I got home and Craig and I decided to play around out back on the step downs. We decided to give the bigger step down a go today, Craig first of course. He really had the balls to send it first, that was the one thing I was waiting for, to see the landing. And of course it was perfect, so fun, a steeper transition for sure and scarier approach but sweet and inspiring once dialed. It took me a couple tries before I was landing seamlessly into the transition but what a feeling. So here is a picture of me and a couple of videos, one of Craig and one of myself sending it..Awesome, I'm so glad we finally did it!


Kim said...

Nice! Glad you're liking the fork!

Carey said...

The fork is nice, I'm still getting used to pushing a little more weight around. I haven't weighed the bike but I kinda don't want to.
I notice I granny gear it more now, but it makes doing step downs nice and plush.(: