Friday, November 21, 2008

Emma's New Bike..

I was planning on hanging out with Emma last night and I told her to bring her new bike by, I wanted to check out the lovely brand new Titus Moto-Lite. So when I finally got the chance to take a look at 'er this is what I saw! Too funny..

Emma's Sweet New Moto-Lite

Naturally she had piles of stuff from Costco everywhere around and on top of things, Keenan's birthday party is Saturday. I think I see her helmet and Dakine Nomad in there as well. Those are some nice FSA wheels and a new carbon fiber rear triangle! This looks like it could also be a potential camping trip as well. Fire roasted pizza, yuummm...I know she's gonna love the new rig!


G-Lenn said...

Take and Bake Moto-Lite. I'm getting her hooked up with a cool 15mm adapter so she doesn't have to transport that sweet ride like that anymore. haha.

Carey said...

Oh, that's right..I forgot she had a 15MM, good thing you're hooking 'er up, she needs all the room she can get in that subi.

Carey said...

BTW, I like the way you spelled your name, with the hyphen!