Monday, November 10, 2008

Home Sweet Home


Finally home after a whirlwind and bittersweet trip back east. It was good to see various family members, catch up a little bit and take care of some business that needed to get done as well. I was able to finally deliver the ceramic urn that I made for my Mother's ashes, and it was even All Soul's Day, the urn worked beautifully. We stayed with my sister so that meant I got to spend time with my nephew Aaron whom I love and adore. I actually got to buy him his first helmet while there, $3.00 at the thrift store, he'll wear it while riding his big wheel which he does with no thought of crashing, he's quite fearless.

A-Ron with his new helmet ready to rip it up.

After leaving Virginia we headed to Michigan for a visit with Craig's family. That was nice as well, getting to catch up with family that we don't see often enough and Craig being able to spend time talking with his father who is in the beginning stages of Althizmers.

Craig and his Dad.

I spent most of my time reading and I went for some runs around a local lake, the day after my first run I could barely walk, my muscles aren't used to being worked in that way. Though after that I was enjoying myself while running and really enjoying using an IPOD that we borrowed from a friend for the trip. What a difference music makes to running, now I'd like to get one of my own.
The Tercel which we now call Zippy worked great and got us home safely, the Midwest was bitter cold though and the folks around Chicago drive insanely, we got almost 40 MPG which was awesome and gas prices are way down.
I'm glad to be home, Colorado is so awesome, ready to get back into my life, ride my bike, run if it's too windy or cold, work in the studio, read more books, spend time with friends, go camping for Thanksgiving and all the other things that will certainly come along.


Kim said...

Wow, Craig looks just like his dad!

Glad you guys are home, hopefully we'll get to spend some quality time on the dirt together....

Carey said...

Yea, he really does, all 5 of his brothers are variations of his Dad.
It would be awesome to spend some time hanging out with 'cha, doing whatever, riding, eating, drinking, camping..