Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Desert Bliss Part Two

These two videos were taken by Craig of myself at the entrance into Rock Stacker, or the entrance to the beginning of the technical sections of Rock Stacker. We met Sarah Jo and Gary from Boise, ID at this point, it was fun riding with them for a little bit but we soon parted ways as they were taking longer to session some features. Gary is the guy standing above me also shooting video and Sarah Jo is the person I pass. I really enjoy meeting new people out riding who are super stoked and psyched about things!

The first video is a roll down into a steep chute or notch and then into a chunky drop. It was intimidating to look at but fun to ride, sweet!

This second video is of myself riding the feature right after the stuff in the first video. You can't see at all how steep this roll in is as Craig wasn't standing in a very good location, but it's a 10' slab into a steep dirt and rock chute, once again a very fun and exhilarating section as you can tell by Craig and I's reactions, if you've been there you know what I mean. There were a group of 18 men mostly from TREK and one overwhelmed women in that group there as well, they were doing their 2010 product launch tour or something like that, a lot of nice bikes in that pack.


Kat said...

YOu Rock Carey!!! my gurl hero!
where is Rock Stacker?

Carey said...

Rock Stacker is off of Amasa Back. You climb to the top of Amasa and then down the other side of the mesa. Rock Stacker runs into Jackson. I don't think Rock Stacker is on the maps yet but there are markers along the trail and you can get beta from the bike shop, there's a tiny bit of route finding involved but not much. It was fun!