Sunday, October 18, 2009

Falls Return..

Us silly kids out enjoying a beautiful Colorado fall day

Fall returned this weekend. It's been an exceptionally chilly and somewhat wet autumn for us so when the forecast this weekend was for sun and warmth I became excited for a long ride and I was free from my obligation the last two weekends of Open Studios. So a small group of us friends decided to get high (oh come on!) and go big west of Peak to Peak on our bikes. We even found some snow at one point, we're on borrowed time at these elevations but so what, it's all good.

Paige cresting a climb.

Wow, what can I say but where's the circus?


Paige and Craig blissed out from the riding. We had such a good time out there. Most of my pictures are from when we were stopped enjoying a snack or the view, we did actually ride though.

James Peak I believe in the distance. It never gets old living in Colorado.

Emma taking a break and the bikes too..

There's snow in them thar hills! Eddie is so ready and excited to carve some turns up thar as well.

Look, there's some snow. Paige and Randy pushing up a long, steep ascent.

Emma and Me, enjoying each other's company.

This Thursday we leave for Utah and the desert, it will be Craig and I's 15th wedding anniversary, holy shit, I'm old! That may deserve it's own post all together. We're looking forward to getting away, wandering around, getting red dirt in our ears and riding our bikes up and down and all over. We plan to hit up some epic riding in Moab, taking the dingo and camping with the truck. Just the way we like it!

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