Thursday, October 29, 2009

A Note from the Universe..and boots.

There are two things that came on my radar recently that felt true and interesting to me. The first is something that was emailed to me by a friend.
  • "It's got nothing to do with being a perfect, good-goody, selfless, sacrificing, spiritual saint, Blah! That whole characterization was meant for a different audience at a different time, and they really had issues. It's got everything to do with being yourself, trusting the magic, following your heart, dreaming big and having fun. Rock On!"
The other is a Mayan theory I read and it has to do with the acceleration of time. I've been noticing as the years go on that my life seems to be hurtling by at a ever faster rate of speed. This is one explanation (this is an excerpt from a really long and in depth explanation)
  • " We use a base ten system for calculating time, but the Maya used a vigesimal system, meaning base-twenty math. According to their calculations, each of the Nine Underworlds last for exactly one twentieth the time of the one it's built upon. For example, the seventh underworld, which started in 1755, is 256 years long. The Eighth Underworld , the one we're in now, started on January 5th, 1999, and will last for less then thirteen years-which is one twentieth of 256. The ninth and final underworld starts in February 2011 and will last 263 days. (When that one ends, a new form of human consciousness is expected to emerge and the Maya master calendar will be reset to zero. ) This is why it took 15 billion years for cells to develop but only about dozen for the Internet to take hold. If it feels like time is speeding up, well, it's because it is."
Something to think about...oh yeah and if the Universe is listening, I REALLY want these boots in a size 42, sweet!


Itty Bitty Betty said...

I like both of your quotes Carey, especially the first one; probably because it validates what I think anyway!! The Mayan one is provocative.

Dig the boots too, and the contrast they make with the Mayan thought!

Carey said...

I really liked the first quote too Jen..probably for the same reasons as yourself and it came to me at the right time.. The Mayan stuff is just plain interesting...a different way of looking at the world we dwell in. Well the boots, that's just the gurl in me wanting to go shopping, HA!