Thursday, October 30, 2008

Land of the Rising Sun

This was my playground when I was little.

Craig and I are flying back to the Washington D.C. area this Saturday. We'll be visiting with my sister and her family as well as my step-father, they all live in Virginia outside of D.C. This trip will be bitter-sweet as it's the first time back since my Mom (outstanding Mother, person and dearest friend) passed in January, I'm not counting on it being particular easy but it will be good to see everyone and deliver a vessel that I made for her.

That's a bitchin' car!

We have been gifted my parents 1991 Toyota Tercel as well, ours is blue, it only has 130,000 miles on it and gets 35 mpg. I know you're all totally jealous but what can I say. Craig plans to use it to get around town during the week instead of the gas guzzler F150 he normally drives.


After a short visit in VA, we'll be driving to Michigan to visit Craig's Dad who lives with Craig's sister and her family. Craig's Dad is of ailing health as well and it's important the he sees him and spends some time with him.

There's no place like home and this ain't it.

Then we'll drive that dinky little Toyota home, buzzing through cornfield after cornfield, glad to be heading west, back to the mountains, hopefully back by the following weekend.

That's more like it..


brg said...

heh! I'm with you on the Tercel. I owned one once - i loved that thing - it totally was like driving a little tin can but it got GREAT gas mileage.

i just found out they totaled my hyundai - so I'm sad I still don't have the tercel

Carey said...

That's too bad about your Hyundai, those are good little cars too. Unpretentious and solid vehicles, but they don't take impacts too well unfortunately. I'm liking the Tercel and it's gas milage and it smells like my Mom's car too which is a nice aside for me. I hope you can find a replacement car that serves you as well.