Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day Ride

Craig and I decided to get out for a little winter riding on Boxing Day. Enough holiday food and sitting about watching movies and the like, it was time to get back outside for something other than a hike.
Today was colder and a little windy, maybe 35 degrees but the sun was out and I for one needed to get out and spin my wheels. So we bundled up and headed to Picture Rock in Lyons, a good winter ride. Craig also has some new trail shoes and some flat pedals he wanted to try out. We knew we would have snow packed and icy trail conditions but it would make an ordinary ride a lot more fun and adventuresome for us. The trail was deserted except for seeing one hiker, we had the place to ourselves. As we pedaled up and started heading south the wind abated and it actually started to feel pretty warm. The snow pretty much disappeared in the trees but there was still a lot of it around.

Craig excited to try out his new trail shoes!

Me Climbing Up the Snowy Trail, which was also Icy in Places, but Good Traction Over All.

Craig and the View looking Down the Valley North, it was Very Quiet out there Today.

The Car and The Bike.

Craig and I on Wild Turkey.

I couldn't decide which Picture to Post so I put them both up.

A Lovely Winter Afternoon Ride with my Craig, descending Back down the Trail, We had a Nice Ride. Now it was Time to get some Take Out and Head Home for a Delicious Hot Shower.

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