Sunday, December 28, 2008

Devil's Backbone, Bueno!

A whole crew of us headed north today to Devil's Backbone. The weather turned mild down lower today and the sun was shining and with the recent wind we knew DBB would be our best option for some fun on dirt. I've been riding alone lately so it was a really nice change of pace to get out with some friends today.

Paige, Dave, Randy, JimiJames, Me, Craig and Glenn.

Paige climbing the first serious hill, this picture really shows you the geography of the area with the Backbone in the background. Very lovely and wide open spaces, dry and desert like, I'm sure it roasts in the summer.

Time for a short break by the Cottonwood.

Taking the winter loveliness in at the top of Indian Summer and I don't just mean the boys.

Paige climbing Indian Summer on her Moto Lite.

Glenn cleaning a crux move on his sweet Titus El Guapo! Bueno!

Mr. JimiJames SSing it!

Dave cleaning the crux as well! He had an awesome blow out on his front tire earlier in the ride, wish I had gotten a picture, it sounded like someone decked and his tube was huge as it broke the tire away from the rim! That was a first!

Me clearing the crux but alas I'm making yet another goofy face..

Paige and Dave heading back..

We had great weather and it was a lot of fun spending the day with friends, being goofy, joking around and playing. I'm getting more and more used to my fork, it felt awesome. I felt like I rode well, as did everyone, clearing mostly everything. As Glenn would say Bueno!


G-Lenn said...

Bueno. Bueno indeed.

Carey said...

I hope we can all get out again soon!