Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Christmas Tree

Today was COLD, we received about 4 inches or so of fresh new powder over night and it didn't really get above 0 degrees at our house today, that's right ZERO, brrrrr. So we decided to cut our tree today and set it up. I wasn't sure I wanted a tree this year, I'm missing my Mom something fierce and wasn't sure I could muster the energy it takes to cut, set up and decorate a tree which I normally enjoy doing. But then I know my Mom would want me to, she'd understand how I feel but she would want me to have a tree and celebrate even just a little for her. So we did.

The loveliness of winter in the mountains.

Craig and Randy cutting "the" tree down, it was getting crowded out anyway.

Bringing 'er down the hill.



Me and the sweet little tree.

Mostly decorated and set up. Here's to you Mom, wish you were here!


Kim said...

that's such an awesome tree! kinda awkward and skinny but somehow perfect :)

Carey said...

Thanks Kim. I sent Craig out looking for a tree and he found this one that was being crowded out by other trees and I tend to like the skinny, little charlie brown type trees..
Did you get a tree this year?