Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Mornin' Ride

For the last three Saturday's I've had the pleasure of riding with Ms. Emma, today we mixed it up a bit and added our significant others Scott and Craig. We met at Hall Ranch in the morning and had a virtually empty Boulder County Open Space trail to ourselves on a Saturday, can you believe that? Plenty of sun warmed our ascent yet a stiff wind would come and go for the entire ride. Wind is my least favorite element to ride in, it really seems to suck my physical and mental energy away. However it's that same sun and wind that dried the trail nicely since the last snow, however the lolli was a mix of packed snow, dry dirt and some mud, any more mud and the lolli would be out of the mix for riding, but for us it was delightful.

Getting Ready to Go! Ooh, and I got to wear some cute new socks I found in my sock box.

Emma Kicking It!! Scott and Emma both ripped it up on their new Motolites!

I must be working hard, just look at my face, oh god!
(Emma, picture credit)
Ms. Emma.

Scott Hydrating!

Craig Soaking in the Sun!

It was a fun ride, good climbing, good descending, nice to be outside knowing that tomorrow begins a period of intense cold weather for us, I think the high is supposed to be 18 degrees in Boulder tomorrow, brrrrr. After the ride we had some repose at Emma and Scott's sitting in the sun and having some tasty soup. Not too many actions shots but heh, we were too busy ridin'. Yea, for Saturday Mornin' Rides!


Kim said...

bah....i knew we should have ridden Hall Saturday morning! We actually contemplated it for a while before deciding that the trails would still be wet :(

Carey said...

It helps have Emma over there, she's up on the trail conditions for her neck of the woods. It would have been fun to have you a long for a ride..