Monday, July 28, 2008

Busy Days

Things have been busy lately for me with art shows, one this weekend in Crested Butte, riding, bike mechanicals that need taking care of, working in the studio and my Mom's birthday was yesterday, the first one without her.
I've been getting out to ride here and there, trails behind the house provide an hour or two of uncrowded riding. Yesterday Craig, Jim and I headed up to South Mag and rode up to the nordic trails all on ST, not crossing any private property. We had a lot of fun, the trails were good, a little dusty. Something different as I've been riding north of that area a lot this year, saving on gas and so forth.
I've had some bearing issues with my BLT and I'm having it serviced tomorrow, I don't know if I'll ever buy another Santa Cruz if their bearing issues don't get better. This year's VPP's are supposed to have this creaking issue solved but we'll see with time. It's a real pain to have the bearings wear out so quickly.
We're heading to Crested Butte this Thursday, I have an art show there over the weekend but we plan to take a couple extra days for some riding and some fly fishing for Craig. We'll be camping and I'm so looking forward to getting away from everything.
My Mom's birthday was yesterday, the first since she passed in January. I miss her so damn much, I just wish I could talk to her again sometimes. So yesterday I dedicated my day to her and it was all good, she would want nothing more than for me to get out and live my life fully and happily.
I plan to ride this Wednesday, I'm thinking North Sourdough stuff again, it's close to home and I enjoy the techy sections.
Oh yeah, the big beast is in the shop as well, the Ford 150 needs some work to make here road worthy, but it's costing us. Why does it seem like every other week were dropping serious cash to get something fixed. It's too much.
I'll see ya out there.

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