Thursday, July 3, 2008


Wednesday night ride yesterday was good to start out. Feeling ready to go and excited. Headed up Ward St. in Jamestown to ride singletrack 1800' higher up. The first part of the climb is solid and a good warm up. However the stream that runs next to Ward St. was raging and the one section of trail where the stream breaks bank and runs down the trail was pretty flooded, too flooded to ride as the water really had a current to it. So I managed to soak my feet pretty good on that section as well as on the stream crossing further up. The water in the stream crossing was up to my knees and the stream current was pretty strong here too so I had to be careful of my footing, but it was a successful crossing. The others I was with portaged across a single log that is perched about 3 or 4 feet above the stream, I didn't feel comfortable with that high wire act.
The second part of the climb was hard, it's always hard and steep but we made it and took a rest at the top.
The rest of the ride was good, however I bonked at about the 3/4 mark, no amount of food seemed to help and I just needed to get going and it was getting dark too and I didn't want to be feeling my way out in the dark, I don't see very well in the dark either, go figure, nor did I want to get home way late. The other folks I was riding with seemed to think they had plenty of daylight left and were feeling fresher than myself so they decided to keep going, we parted ways and I headed back on my own. Things were going fine, making some ground and it felt good to be heading down, it was nice to be by myself too, sometimes the added pressure of a group ride isn't what I need. Anyway, about halfway down I flatted and I had used my last tube earlier in the day and I was without patches, DUH! So there I was hiking my bike back down to Jamestown wishing I was riding instead. I made it back to the truck with some daylight left but I never did see my fellow riders that I parted ways with, even walking my bike, I beat them back to the trucks.
It's not always what you think it's going to be I suppose, I felt tired when I got home and hungry. I need a rest I think before the long holiday weekend.
Tonight I pick up a bunch of bike parts that I ordered from my LBS. Some new badly needed tires and a replacement for my broken saddle, yeah, I can give Craig his old saddle back. It's always like Christmas when you get new parts for the bike, much needed as I seem to go thru and wear things out really quick these days.
Until next time.

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