Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two Girls, Two Bikes

It was nice to ride last night with just my friend Emma and myself. We headed up to Brainard Lake area and did a shuttle from Camp Dick to Brainard. Rode North, did Wapiti, down to Boy Scout and then Camp Dick (we decided not to ride up the road and down the ST on the other side of the creek, getting late) was nice just the two of us, no guys, no hassles, it was an easy feeling.
Though the trail, which I've ridden quite a few times this year as it's close to home, is as always technical and keeps you on your toes the whole time and requires a lot of strength. I love Wapiti for its burliness. I was pleased with my ridin' and feel like things are strong right now and my technical skills are on. Emma was ridin' great too.
We didn't see another soul except for some hungry mesquitos, otherwise we had the place to ourselves.
When you ride with the boys all the time you forget how nice it is to ride with another girl once and while, women relate in a whole different way and it's quite refreshing.
Anyway..if you have a friend who is a girl and she likes to ride, go ride together, it'll make your day.

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