Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Butte

This has been a busy week but somehow I'm getting everything done that I need to get done. Craig and I leave tomorrow for Crested Butte, it's a part work/part play trip that I think we both need badly. I'm doing the art festival in CB this weekend for the first time but we're taking a couple of days afterwards to ride and we'll be camping the whole time, which is nice and what I prefer but can be difficult when doing a show. Hopefully I'll make some good money at this show but I have my doubts. Mtn. resort towns are pretty conservative and the art buying is not too sophisticated, my work is contemporary sculpture so I limit my potential clientle in these kinda towns, but maybe I'll be happily suprised. It will be nice to get away from the routine of things, away from the pressures and responsibilities of life and slow it down a little. We're leaving the dogs at home with Randy which will be nice, no responsibility of caring for them though I love them all madly.
My BLT is in the shop too. The bearings for the pivot points had to be replaced again!!! What's up with this Santa Cruz? I know I ride a lot but 6 months inbetween replacements? I love the way the bike rides but unless things improve in the VPP linkage for this bike I don't know if I'll ever buy another Santa Cruz. They were supposed to improve things for this year but we'll see how that plays out.
Anyway, I replaced the rear derailliur, some new cabling, tune up for drive train and a new BB as well, whew, that'll cost me but once in awhile it's nice to have someone else do all the work besides Craig (mostly) and myself.
The BLT should be riding nicely out in CB, sweet. I'm also thinking of replacing the fork at some point, going from a 130mm fork to perhaps 150mm fork. More travel, slacker head angle, more my style...
So I won't be posting until next week. I need to add pictures to this thing.
Have fun out there and stay cool.

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