Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Stuff

MMMM, it's always nice to get new bike parts and gear, like a kid on Christmas morning.
Yesterday my parts came in at my favorite LBS and I was happy to get them as things had worn out on me.
I replaced my Cane Creek headset with a smooth as butter on a warm day Chris King headset, the difference is night and day, I don't know how I waited so long.
New Kenda Nevegal tires, still haven't crossed over to Maxxis as I've seen some of my friends side walls blow out on them and they're getting a lot of snake bites as well. The Kenda's have always served me well, so if it's not broke right. So new treads to rail on, yeah!
New WTB Laser V saddle, it took me awhile to find a saddle that worked for me and now I just keep on going with this great saddle, it works for me. The last one I acutally broke crashing on a down hill, it lasted a few years though and it was losing it's stiffness so it needed replaced anyway.
I run just a middle and little chainring up front, with a Gamut bashgaurd so I replaced both of the rings which really needed it, they were ovalizing on me. I went to a 34 middle ring now, so a little more boost going down. Never miss the large chain ring at all, love the bash gaurd!
The bike is looking good and I'll be riding here this evening, she should be handling real well.
I love getting new parts.

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