Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Packed Weekend

We did a lot of riding this weekend, long rides both days.
Saturday Craig, Jim and I rode 99% trail from Ward/Gold Lake area all the way home, which is above Left Hand. We ride this area a lot and usually find nothing new but we managed to discover some more sweet ST that has been created in the last year. Now this ST is created by Moto's, more about that in a bit. It was fun riding with a wicked tough downhill at the end but nothing the LT couldn't manage. Craig's enjoying his Moment a lot as well but managed to take a digger that left one of his pinkies pretty beat up as well as his side. He's doing OK though. We didn't see another person that whole day while out riding, how great is that, except near the end there were two friendly MTB riders kinda lost, so we got them on track. They wanted to know if there were more trails in the area. I could only smile, say yes there are but you have to explore, look for them, put in the miles. I'm not going to give it away, sorry.
Sunday was a great group ride in Ned. on the West. Mag trails. We know of some trails that are more off the radar south and west of the main area. We saw more riders this day but not too bad really. Great weather too. We also saw some Moto's a long the way but they were all polite and courteous to everyone. Not like the one women on her MTB we ran into who was raging against the Moto's like it was her mission in life to damn them all to hell. Now how does that help anything? As we passed her she told each one of us to make them stop, tell them to stop riding their dirt bikes on the trail. Now we weren't in the normal no-moto riding area so I don't know if this trail was no-moto or not, but it didn't matter, they were there and she was going off on them and it wasn't working. Do you really expect people to listen and respect what you're saying when you're acting like an idiot? Of course the Moto's just twisted the throttle so they couldn't hear her. Crazy. And of course we do have the Moto's to thank for creating most of those trails anyway. Now I don't like to see trails damaged and Moto's can really rip things up over time, but if we all just use some commen sense we can all be out there together, don't you think?
Over all it was great riding this weekend. I was tired and pleased on Sunday evening.
I'm planning a ride this Wednesday afternoon, if you're interested you know how to find me.

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