Monday, October 13, 2008

Foot Prints in the Snow

We received our first snow of the season Saturday night and yesterday evening, about an inch, not much but enough to give everything a nice white coat and enough that footprints are easily left behind, Especially by all the critters out and about during the night. This morning I went down to start my truck and as I looked back up our driveway I saw one distinct set of prints that appeared to be a humans, who was walking about our driveway during the night? Then I got a closer look..

A pretty nice size bear print.

The two darker prints are bear, you can see some fox and my boot print as well, I wear a size 10 or 11 womens, so not a small print but it's not that much bigger than the bears.

By the size of the print which was about 4 inches long or so and about 3 inches wide, it was a big male, but I could be wrong. It was pretty cool to see as the bears should be hibernating soon. The prints looked so much like pretroglyphs I've seen of a bear print, very cool. There were also fox prints and small little ferrel kitty prints too. I wanted to take pictures of the view this morning as it was very lovely with bright blue skies and white blankets of snow but my camera's battery died after I took the footprint shots.


Kim said...

Holy Moly! I think if I lived where you do I'd spend at least 1 night staying up all night just to see all the creatures that come out.

Carey said...

Sometimes you get lucky and you see them during the day..I really enjoy having all the different creatures about.