Sunday, October 5, 2008

Open Studios

I'm participating in Boulder Open Studios this year, haven't done it before but thought it might be a good way to make in-roads locally and it was a good excuse to clean the house really well. With Open Studios people come to your home and check out your studio and work, it's a tour really and many people buy the artwork displayed. There is a booklet of images of all the artists who participate and you can pick and choose who's studio you'd like to visit.
Craig and I set up my show booth out on the parking pad in front of the house at the top of the driveway, this way I have a handy place to display my work and it's not scattered throughout the house. Thanks for all your help Craig! From there folks can walk up the front steps into the downstairs where my studio is, so far so good. Here are some pics.

Booth Shot

Another view of the booth on the parking pad out front.

Inside shot of a work table in my studio, the window looks out front onto the parking pad and North towards Left Hand Canyon.

Another view in my studio, this smaller table is where a knead the clay and slab it. A small room in the downstairs portion of the house.


brg said...

i LOVE the color combinations of your work - can't wait to see it in person. I'll be coming by next Sunday afternoon. :)

Kim said...

Looks like a nice set up Carey. We'll be up there next weekend as well...maybe we can sneak a ride in beforehand :)

Carey said...

Thanks you two!
I was going to say if you come up bring your bike even if it's during business hours because we could play around out back on the stunts and if someone comes I can just break away.
If you come before business we could ride the backside, as long as I'm back by 11:30ish..

Kim said...

Dan and I might just do that!

Carey said...