Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Backside

The Backside is what I call my local trail system that I can pedal from home to and access, it's literally a mile up the dirt road from my house. Thank God for local trails, ones that you ride a million times. I'm sure this trail has a number or something to identify it but I've always called it the Backside Trails because it's on the backside of our mountain. It's nice being able to just head out from the house, not drive anywhere, you can ride it as an out and back or as two different longer loops. It's also really peaceful and traveled infrequently but used consistently. I've seen a bear on this trail as well as pheasants, rabbits and dear and I've seen mtn. lion tracks as well. This trail has a way of soothing my nerves, it's north facing mostly so it stays cool in the dead heat of the summer and it has super views of the surrounding mtns and the Divide. It has enough technical moves to keep you happy but not worked, well the first and last section that I have to do to get home, which is about a mile, is tough climbing and will work you but also make you a stronger technical climber. Descending it is a full on DH run, yea! Sometimes I wish it wasn't the last piece/climb up to my house but I'm more grateful to have it then not. I can ride all the way beyond Peak to Peak on dirt road and trail if I wanted to, but I mostly do anything from 1 hour to a 2 hour ride on this trail network.

Starting down the old fire road.

Some skinny goodness.

Heading Up.

A technical section, don't fall to the left, it's a long way down.

Fun coming down but now I have to ride up it, loose, rocky and steep.

Climbing up, view to the NW over Lefthand.


Kim said...

Lucky! So how many people did you see on you're ride....I'm guessing NONE :)

Carey said...

Yup, you guessed it. Not a soul out there. Once in awhile I see another rider, usually on the weekend but it's used mostly by locals who live in the area. I'll see folks walking with their dogs, or a dirt bike once in awhile making their way somewhere else. This trail was orginally created by miners in the 1800's and there are still old broken down mining shafts along the way. I think it may have been a box cart route with rails and so forth..

Kim said...

Get some lights and we'll do some night riding out there!

Look at the Niterider or Light & Motion lights. Dan used a new Niterider light last night, it was super small but amazingly bright. He may be able to get you a good deal if he buys it for you from his Niterider rep and you pay him....I'm getting the top of the line light/battery for about $180!

You and Craig would totally dig riding at night!

cynthia said...

that's what i thought too...lucky! i'm envious you can ride fun dirt stuff from your house. i'm stuck in the low rent part of boulder with no nearby trails.

Carey said...

Cynthia, you're more than welcome to come up and we'll go for a ride sometime..