Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pinewood Version #3

Another Sunday and another great ride up at PW with Craig, Emma and Mr. JimiJames. I was psyched because I was going to get to ride with my best friend Emma, we've been super close friends and riding mates for over 10 years and we always have so much fun. The morning was chilly, Emma had many goose bumps, so we bundled up to begin the ride which we did somewhat differently, I'll call it version 3 of PW and I think my favorite as well. We parked a car in the town proper of PW, a shuttle, so we could ride a new to us really long, sweet DH back into the town. This DH section would turn out to be at least 20 minutes or so long and had some solid techy spots, a crowd pleaser. First though we headed to the TH, starting from Coulson Gulch this time and rode down to the saddle where we normally begin the ST.

Emma and Me all suited up and ready to go, what fine socks we wore.

Craig making his way up the first section of ST. We had shed a couple of layers by this time.

Nice wheelie Gurl!

Emma coming up on the notch exit.

Emma sizing up a drop.

Jim, Emma, Me and Craig with Longs behind. Such a lovely day!

After our break up on the western lollipop we headed down and then veered toward the Eastern section of ST, at which point we headed down a completely new to us section of ST, after a short climb the DH began in earnest, it was fantastic with tight turns, technical, rock pile sections (classic PW) and it just kept going and going. Finally we popped out on a dirt road that brought us back to town and a vehicle. Smiles were all around, another sweet fall ride with friends!

Emma borrowed a pair of Craig's socks, one of which didn't survive the ride too well, oh dear.


Kim said...

Looks like you guys had an awesome time as well! You'll have to show us around PW3 next time :)

Carey said...

We did and you'll love the new section of DH, we didn't bother to stop and take any pics on that section it was too fun. I think we should have some good days still here in November to do some riding together.
It was especially nice as I don't get to ride with Emma as much these days.