Wednesday, October 15, 2008

PW Rocks!

Craig, Jim and I headed up to Pinewood for a ride this afternoon, we did the original lollipop, about a two hour ride. It's a technical ride both up and down and keeps you focused on what's in front of you, I really like this particular variation of this ride.
The sun finally made it out and was shining strong today. The ground was nice and tacky from the recent snow fall, so the climbing was solid and spot on. The ride varied from late fall to early winter riding, with a light crust of snow here and there in the north facing sections of trail, nothing serious, kinda fun but it did make some of the logs and rocks very slick. I wondered if this might be the last ride up here before the trail gets settled into a thick layer of winter snow. Not another soul around..

Jim and Craig, Ellsworth Boys

Slick as snot log and rock pile.

Jim sailing through a twisty and technical section on the lolli.

Same spot, Craig taking it wide.

Me climbing up a rock pile.


Me, ready to jump, no shot of jump, camera missed the action..
This weekend Moab, Hazard County here we come!


Kim said...

Lucky ducks!

I think I may have to take a vacation day soon to get out and enjoy an afternoon of riding!

Carey said...

You could even just do a half or 3/4's day if you'd like as I don't get off until 2PM myself. We normally ride on Wednesday's 'cause Jim has those days off now that winter is setting're always welcome!