Monday, October 20, 2008

kickers and giggles in moab

Craig and I headed out Friday for a long weekend of camping and riding in Moab. On the agenda was to ride the 26 miles or so of Hazard/UPS/LPS/Porky Proper. We had beautiful weather forecasted so starting up at Hazard wouldn't be a problem. Craig's brother Randy joined us late Friday night, he was to be our shuttle driver Saturday morning up to Hazard.

Friday evening sunset on the La Sals.

Ringo and I at camp!

Craig and I about to head out on Hazard.

There's an obligartory 1/2 mile climb at the start and then 5 miles of DH. I got to wear my new socks on this chilly morning.

Me at the top of Hazard, the views were amazing and this picture doesn't do it justice. I wish I had wings.

At this point you head down Hazard for 5 miles to the Kokopelli Trail, which is two miles of 4WD road fun with whoops and jumps as well as pinch flats. This was a sign of things to come. Hazard was fun ST, with doubles and jumps thrown in here and there but I think the real fun didn't start until you hit UPS/LPS.

Me coming up on a jump somewhere on UPS.

UPS is so much fun, it's full of everything you could ask for. Fast, flowy ST, technical lifts, jumps and hucks, technical DH sections. I couldn't believe how much jumping I did, the practice in the backyard really helped a lot. I was jumping off things that I may have rolled a year ago. I was feeling really solid on 3 foot drops, following behind Craig at times and just launching off of things he was doing. It was so much fun and I literally couldn't get enough of it.

Me decending the first half of the Notch somehwere on UPS/LPS. A steep, technical section.

Craig actually didn't want me to ride the Notch, but I couldn't help myself, I love this kinda riding and had to try. I almost knocked him off the rock as he was taking this picture, sorry! Halfway down the Notch at what I would say is the crux is a 3 or 4 foot drop/turn into a rooted and rocky section, I didn't ride this part, I think it's beyond my ability at this point in time. After the Notch the trail is steep and somewhat technical, my rear tire was surfing/skating back and forth, fun. At the bottom I reliezed that the soft talc like dirt was thinly covering the surface of slickrock below and that's what led to the surfing, deceptive!

Another of me in the Notch, it was dark in there.

I can't begin to decribe how much fun this entire ride is including Porky Proper which I've ridden multiple times before but not in this order. Everything had challanging sections and the views were awesome. We didn't take anymore pictures on this ride, having too much fun riding and changing way too many flats. We managed to get 6 pinch flats between the two of us, due to the rough, rocky terrain and loads of jumping, BTW did I mention the jumping, sorry. We came with what we thought was prepared, 3 tubes, 3 C02 cartridges, patch kit and a pump, we blew through it all and we had to depend on my ability to politly beg, borrow and not quite steal from the other kind folks riding that day. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I mean I haven't had a flat in months and it became rather comical near the end of the ride, we just couldn't help ourselves from going hard. Despite the misfortune this was the BEST ride of the year and should not be missed, I was so stoked at the end. Later at the LBS I asked the fellow selling us more tubes, etc if running tubeless tires on that type of trail was the way to go out here and he said no way, for that kinda riding most run a DH tire like a Minnion with a durable tube inside, next time we'll come prepared.

Moving on, day two...

We decided to ride something mellower the next day as Craig's brother Randy was with us, it was his 40th birthday on Sunday. He broke his back 6 months ago and is just starting to ride again. So we thought the Soveriegn Trail would be a good ride for him. Not too tough but still technical in spots with lifts and some good DH, he could pace himself. Randy did really well considering and enjoyed himself. Craig and I kept our eyes out for more jumps, and of course we found them, it is Moab.

Craig and Randy on Soveriegn

Craig on some skinny ST.

Randy too.

Ooh, look a jump, yea!

Yes, please!

Rooma, Zoom, Zoom!

We stopped at a favorite art panel along the river on our way out. Such a magical place!


Kim said...

The notch is a really tough section, I've seen guys clean it but with some nice trials moves on the corner. I've never seen anyone make the entire section without setting themselves up on the entry though....good job! I walked that entire section the last time we were out there...

Carey said...

Thanks Kim.
The upper section wasn't too bad really, just a balance between being on the brakes and off. I would love to be able to clear the whole thing sometime and I can see where some solid trails skills could allow you navigate that turn and drop!
It does seem like staying far left is the line...
Can't wait to ride it again sometime.

cynthia said...

the socks look great! oh and the riding doesn't look so shabby either. ;)

Carey said...

Thanks Cynthia!
I love my socks.

Kim said...

I just went onto Sock Dreams and picked out $70 worth of cool winter socks....gotta sell my CX bike first....must refrain....

Carey said...

I hear that, there's at least two other pair of socks on that site I'd like to get, they're really fairly priced especially without the shipping.
I love good clothes.