Sunday, September 28, 2008


We decided to start our busy weekend with a day of riding instead of working on the house and getting ready for Open Studios. It was a lovely day and the Aspens are peaking right now in regard to color, it's so breathtaking off of Peak to Peak and of course there's all the sightseers out there driving reallllly slow too. Craig and I met Jim just a little NE of Ned off of Sugarloaf, we decided to do one of my favorite rides in BC, Primo. Which is basically a bunch of ST that is convoluted and hard to find unless you know where it is and it ends in one of the best DH runs around, 2 miles or so of technical riding with the last mile being so fast with jumps that you want to pee your pants with delight. We had the place to ourselves and enjoyed it immensely, such a sweet season. We shot some video of the crux on Primo which I'll post here soon. I was so proud of Jim on this ride he finally cleared the crux on his second try, and it's a solid, black diamond section., Yea Jim, way to go!

The bikes taking a rest.

Craig, Me and Jim (my chin is still looking a little funny)

Craig and Jim next too some skinny ST.

Jim following the flow.

What a beautiful spot to be riding through!

I noticed that two of my knobbies on my Nevegals had fallen off and the other's were starting to as well. These tires are no more than 3 months old, bummer, I love these tires. I may send the shot to Kenda and see what they say.
Today is Sunday and it's been all chores and work but productive. Next weekend I'll be doing Open Studios so no rides other then the trails behind the house. Then Moab!


Kim said...

Wish we could have gone with you but it was another weekend of getting stuff done, this can't go on much longer.....

Carey said...

I was thinking of you both on Saturday, I know you'd both love this ride but at least your getting everything done that needs to get done.
Sunday was like that for us, busy with cleaning, etc.