Wednesday, September 17, 2008

2008 Open Studios

I'm doing the Boulder Open Studios tour this year. I haven't done it before so I'm a little excited about it and hope it's worthwhile. I think it will be good exposure locally and will open some doors here in Boulder. I'm in the process of making work and preparing to deep clean and reorganize my studio as well. It should be fun!

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Kim said...

I've sent out emails to everyone I know, hopefully you'll get a good turnout. We're coming for sure, bummer you have to miss out Redstone Dave's Fall DeathMarch on 10/5 though :(

Durtgurl said...

Thanks Kim, I appreciate that.
That's ok on the deathmarch, probably too many people for me anyway. Though it's hard giving up two whole weekends for this event but hopefully it will payoff for me.