Monday, September 15, 2008

Fall Ridin'

Got out for a fun group ride on Sunday with Jim, Kim, Dan and Craig. We started out in a grey, swirling mist, felt like the NW but in true Colorado fashion the sun ruled by the end of the ride, which meant plenty of stops to put on and take off layers.
We headed NW out of Lyons for some sweet singletrack that sees little traffic, we had plenty of climbing ahead of us, some of it technical and some of it trials-like with rock formations that needed climbing up and over, lots of short bursts of power and technique. Our plan was to ride a very new and longer lollipop than what we normally ride up there.

Taking a break in the mist...Doesn't Dan look happy?

Kim powering up..

Craig coming down the trail..

Dan's turn.

Here comes Jim..

Kim smiling large..

Expansive view starting to emerge from the low clouds, huge drop behind us.

The ride was almost 4 hours and the return is downhill, so lots of fun. I felt OK for the first part of the ride but started to bonk more than half way through, I don't think I ate well enough however I wasn't feeling hungry so I didn't think to eat and I shoulda gotten to bed a little earlier the night before but it was all good in the end. Everyone rode well and had a good time, as it should be. I'm looking forward to getting back up there soon as we didn't ride our usual lollipop, which is a shorter variation. I'm also looking forward to showing Kim and Dan more rides hopefully before the season is over, things should stay open through October, there's so much out there and fall ridin' is the best.


Kim said...

Looking forward to the next adventure!

I have to admit that I felt like poop 2 weeks ago when you showed us around South Mag, my legs just didn't want to go....

This week I felt pretty good but I don't think I could have climbed anymore and the descent came suddenly, it actually surprised me once we hit that switchback section.


Oh, and Dan's lovin' Salida right now! We'll have to back out there next year for a long camping weekend.

Durtgurl said...

It's weird for me with consistancy and fitness, I have a baseline and I either feel somewhat better or somewhat less better than that baseline of fitness, does that make sense?
Anyway, it is what it is..
You rode great on Sunday, you climb that 6.6 very well. Sometimes PW seems like a lotta climbing and not so much descending and it's tight.
Glad to hear Dan is lovin' Salida, it's such a great area.

cynthia said...

love that pic of Kim smiling - she looks so happy! sounds like a fun ride you guys had. :)