Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Burning Man

My friend Anne, is an amazing photographer, she went to Burning Man recently and took a few pictures and sent them to me and I wanted to share them. I'd like to go sometime, maybe, we'll see, I would love to see the freedom of expression that goes on, meanwhile we can enjoy Anne's images.

If you'd like to see more of Anne's photography please visit her website:


Kim said...

OMG! Those pictures are amazing, the first one looks like a painting.

I'm so not creative, in any way shape or's so sad.

Durtgurl said...

Yeah, Anne has a really good eye, I like the first one of the iron horse as well. I made links but they're not working, I'll have to look at that, you should check out her website.
I think we're all creative it just comes out in different ways and forms. Just look at your blog, it's a creative expression of you.