Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away

I like rain, it doesn't rain here very much but I wanted to ride my bike today, so I'm complaining, boo!
This weekend is supposed to be beautiful though and the trails will be buff, so I'll look forward to that and just do a bunch of sit-ups and bench presses this evening, I sound pretty lame, I know, I am. I've got to keep my body moving, it makes a difference to my all around well being.
It poured at the house last night, just dumped and the driveway and dirt road from our house is a mud bath, really slippery and slidy. So much so that I've got the Wellies on today, I love my Wellies.
Have a good Friday, the sun is on it's way!


Kim said...

It turned out to be a beautiful day yesterday after the rain stopped! Thanks for coming out to dinner with us, it was so much fun!

Durtgurl said...

Yesterday did turn into a lovely day, thanks for thinking of us too, we had a really nice time with all of you.
Today was really nice as well, got a lot done and rode the trails behind the house and even did some wheelie drops off the 2 footer, yea!
Talk to ya in the morning...