Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Found some images from our trip to Northern California last August. The drive is full of very beautiful landscapes and I love the Pacific Coast, the weather, the plants, so different and amazing in it's own way.

Island of rock out on the Sand Flats near Bonneville, UT

Evening on the Sand Flats, Western Utah

Small and funky local fish shack on beach north of San Fran

Grasses on Dune above Pacific

Craig waiting for his fish and chips at the Fish Shack

Pacific Ocean

Me and the Pacific Ocean


Kim said...

Weird....Dan and I were talking about moving to the Pacific Northwest/Northwest last night....I think he was craving fish & chips :)

Durtgurl said...

The seafood is sooo good along the coast out there but no matter how much I like to visit that part of the country I don't think I could live there year round. The cool, wet and cloudy weather would get me down over all I think. I need more sun, but it's nice to visit. We had an opportunity to go to Nocal over Labor Day weekend this year but those plans fell through, maybe next year!