Monday, September 22, 2008

Socks and Arm Warmers

Well today is my rest day and I'm dorking around. In the mail I received my new knee highs and arm warmers from Sock Dreams and they're awesome, thanks for the beta on them Cynthia. So I thought I'd waste some time and put 'em up on the blog. Can't wait to wear them while riding.

Skulls with Stars & Stripes


The Arm Warmers are sweet too and they'll keep the cold winds from sneaking up the arms.


Kim said...

Nice...I'll have to look at their arm warmer selection, I've only bought socks from them.

cynthia said...

very cool.

Kim is the one that turned me on to - great unique stuff with good prices. I esp. like the no shipping and taxes too.

we'll have to make sure we don't overlap as I have some similar armwarmers.

Durtgurl said...

Yeah the no shipping is key, especially these days. Your arm warmers look like the same ones, funny. I guess we both have great taste!