Sunday, September 21, 2008

Arkansas Valley

Craig, Randy (Craig's brother) and I headed down to the Arkansas Valley this weekend. I had to drop some artwork off at the Culture Clash gallery in Salida so we decided to make a weekend of it with camping, riding and for Craig and Randy some fly fishing on the Arkansas River. We arrived Friday night at Stone Cabin. Saturday dawned a lovely day, Craig and Randy were going fishing and I was going to ride the Rainbow Trail and meet them later off of 50 at the river, this would make my ride close to 30 miles.

Me, ready to head out for the Rainbow.

This is one of my favorite trails in this area, so much fun with plenty of ups and downs and fast. I pedaled up the 201 to the start of the Rainbow trail, a moderate 4WD road with some nice views.

The 201

I made it to the Rainbow Trail in no time and had a little snack before I headed down the trail, I also wanted to give a couple of different groups of riders a chance to get ahead of me so I wasn't riding right behind them. I was enjoying being on my own.

Getting ready to head down the trail.

So after a short break off I went down the trail, fall has really set in in Chaffee County, everything golden and the air crisp. I didn't stop to take many pictures up higher on the trail, I was having too much fun riding. This trail starts up in the Aspens, Pines and Firs and ends down low in the Juniper, Pinon and sage.

Trail goodness down lower.

I caught up to the two parties that I had let go ahead of me, the ride went by quickly, I enjoyed my solo time and the fun downhill sections near the end of the Rainbow. The ride on the road to meet Randy and Craig was pretty dull, I don't think I could be a roadie.

Skinny, sweet singletrack

Part Two, Sunday, Twin Lakes Riding.

It rained Saturday night, Craig and I headed over to Twin Lakes Sunday morning to ride a 15 mile loop that goes around the reservoir and heads up the valley. Much of the riding is on the Colorado Trail and it's almost entirely singletrack. We dropped Randy off at the river for more fishing and headed up.

Twin Lakes looking West

Bike with Mountains.

This ride starts in little town of Twin Lakes and heads out East on singletrack through sage above the shoreline, it's fast and rolling.

Heading out..

Once you cross over the dam you hit the Colorado Trail proper and some more fun riding in the trees.

Craig and I

Me climbing out of the big, white Aspens

Craig raging in the sage.

This ride is fast and fun with lots of little ups and downs, you can really get a groove on. The most challangeing section isn't until the very end with a very steep rock section and then a short but fun techy downhill that puts you at the road a mile from the vehicle.
It was a nice weekend with good riding and lovely fall weather. The fishing though was kinda slow for Craig and Randy, the water on the Ark was low..

Josy stretching her legs


cynthia said...

very nice...

your 2nd ride sounds like fun too - I'll have to check that out next time i'm in salida.

Durtgurl said...

The Twin Lakes ride is worth it, it's between Buena Vista and Leadville. We always come and go that way, hitting 70 up by Copper Mtn.

Kim said...

Good to hear you had fun! Trails look awesome.