Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Day Dreaming

For many years I have been riding out around the Boulder Res. in Nobo twice a week over lunch, year round, in the winter it's sometimes the only riding to be had. I head out from work and park at the entrance to the res. I gear up and take off and usually ride the Eagle Trail lollipop and then make the loop back to the truck around the res. itself. The ride is easy and pretty much a no brainer but I enjoy these afternoon rides because I get to daydream and not think about what I'm doing for the most part. There is some ST next to the WIDE dirt paths, so that's good, mixes it up. I get to look at the mountains, swerve around the dog walkers, do the subtle finger wave to other cyclists and runners, check out the huge diversity of birds out there (Bald and Golden Eagles, Osprey, Hawks, Falcons, Cranes, Pelicans, the lists goes on), watch the Prarie Dogs run about (I actually ran one over this year and killed it, sorry!), I try not to spook the horseback riders, so I always say HI to them. But it's just a chill way of getting some miles in and riding my bike without having to think much about it. You see so many different types of people out there, from the wired hardcore tri-athletes in training to the folks just out for a walk, it's good and now that summer is winding down it's quiet, not as much traffic out there.
Now I just need to take a camera with me so I can have pictures for my entries..

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