Sunday, September 7, 2008

Back in the Saddle

Kim took this picture of Brian, Me, Craig, Kim and Dan..(Thanks Kim!)
However I, the Jolly Green Giant, managed to make yet another silly face, what's with the tongue?

Well Saturday was a good day of ridin' in the early fall of Colorado high country. The air was crisp, the trail was buff and the people were good and happy. I was particularly happy to be out ridin' again after my fall, good to be turning the wheels and feeling the flow. I wasn't 100% yet, maybe 75% but that was good enough to get out for 3 or 4 hours, I took it easy on myself.
Craig and I met Kim and Dan up at South Mag. we were also joined by a nice fellow named Brian, it was all good and Kim and Dan hadn't ridden from this point before so it was new for them. I enjoy showing other riders new trails, especially when they're up for an adventure which Kim and Dan are. Kim and Dan are both very skilled and confident riders and it's a blast to ride with them. We got up to the Eldora Nordic trails and rode a loop up there and meandered back to the vehicles on some fast and fun trails, all on ST for the most part, some of it pretty obscure.

Kim also took this picture of Me and Brian ascending..

We saw some other riders but lost most of them as soon as we ascended away from the School Bus trail. Just the way I like it.
I had the familiar mechanicals with my drivetrain I've been having lately but between Craig and Dan we were able to tune it well enough that I was able to forget about it.
I need to get better about taking pictures when we ride but I'm lazy and didn't take a single shot so please take a look at this link if you want to see more of Kim's images from the ride. Thanks Kim, you're so good.

Today my head kinda ached, I think it was due to some of the bouncing around and the head still not 100% but it's really nothing.
I even got a ride in on the Backside trail behind the house with my brother-in-law Randy, that was the first ride I've done with him since he broke his back, back in March. He did really well and again it was a beautiful day and nice to be out in it.
I also did some purging in the studio, getting rid of stuff so my studio is spiffy for Open Studios, I need to make a dump run for sure.
Next weekend I hope to show Dan and Kim another local down low favorite trail of mine.
Stay tuned..


Kim said...

Good times! Thanks for showing us around, we really enjoyed ourselves.

Dan even got out his fly rod on Sunday :) Looks like Craig's going to have to take him fishing soon :)

Durtgurl said...

Glad you both had a good time.
I know Craig would love to take Dan fishing anytime!