Monday, September 1, 2008

Buildin' Ladders and Jumps

We spent most of the day on Monday moving the wood we got for free up to the riding area behind the house. Once that was finished Craig started working on building two new ladders. One for a jump and the second for a bridge probably. It's exciting to build new stuff for our little bike park, though it may be another week or so before I'm playing around out there due to my bruised noggin. I'm healing but it's a delicate process.

Craig working on the ladder platforms.
(We also cleaned out the shed before we started so there's a lot stuff laying about)

Craig inspecting his handy work.

Placing the ladder into location and making legs for it. This will be a solid 2' drop into a transition.

Ringo sleeping on the job!


Kim said...

The drop to transition looks fun! Hopefully you'll be riding by the weekend....the cooler temps are getting me really really excited for the fall riding season :)

And SolVista is open until the 14th so there are still some more lift assisted riding to get in before the shuttling starts!

Durtgurl said...

Hey Kim,
Yeah, I think the new drop will be fun. I also hope to be riding by this weekend but I think I'll be easing back into things. My head still rattles a bit over bumps and so forth, slow but steady healing process. I rode my bike around the yard yesterday, my energy is pretty good. Fall is my favorite season by far, I love the weather and the change of seasons.
Since I haven't been ridin', I've been working a lot in the studio and taking walks with the dogs..I'm getting a lot done.
SolVista sounds good, never been.
Hope you had a good long weekend, it was so hard to get going this morning.

brg said...

ohh....can't wait to come up and ride your little bike park.

thanks for the nice comments on my keystone post. It was a good day -except losing those darn goggles!

Durtgurl said...

Hey Cynthia,
Soon I'll be riding my bike park again and you and Kim and whomever else can come up for some fun!
Went for two rides this weekend and feeling about 75% of normal...
Have a good Sunday!